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= Twin Demon: Didy Santoso dan Dody Waskito (Semarang)

Twin Demon: Didy Santoso dan Dody Waskito (Semarang)

Today at 8:00pm - Tomorrow at 8:00pm

LocationTeater Salihara
Jl. Salihara no.16 Pejaten Barat, Pasar Minggu
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Thu-Fri, 23-24 September 2010 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Music - Festival Salihara 2010

Didy Santoso dan Dody Waskito Semarang
Twin Demon
Salihara Theater

Twin Demon presents a back-to-the-roots musical spirit; that in essence, music is a string of notes, no more, no less. Then come vocals and verses as a linguistic attempt to expose a certain story to go with the aforementioned string of notes. What happens next is a series of sound exploration emerging from the strings of two electric guitars, brought to the highest and quickest state, chasing after one another, stepping over one another, and at the same time, there is almost no noise. Without lyrics, the procession of loud-fast-high notes remain pleasing to the ears.

In choosing a progressive neo-classical metal genre, this instrumental guitar band combines the depth of classical music with the great energy emanating from rock music. Deriving inspiration from the likes of Hess, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Jason Becker, George Bellas, or Yngwie Malmsteen, Didy and Dody prove that creativity in music, especially in metal genre, is indeed unlimited. In Virtual Odyssey, for example, the exploration of the sounds produced through a guitar’s strings is awe-inspiring, displaying a high level of virtuosity also. Undeniably, they are skilled sound makers, in addition to being careful with their harmonies.

Due to their guitar-playing style, their fans in Semarang dubbed them twin demons. Thus, the duo band named Twin Demon was born in the middle of 2006. This band is a continuation of their project as a duo in exploring artistic possibilities in metal scenes. Previously, they had created a death metal band, Morbiddust, when they were in junior high school in Semarang.

In July 2010, Twin Demon released a new album titled The Adventure, containing 11 pieces. Prior to this, in 10 October 2007, they released a small album of five song titles, all of which were done by themselves, from recording to the sales of the albums. For their performance at the 2010 Festival Salihara, Twin Demon will be supported by additional names: Suherman Widi Asmoko (keyboard), Yopi Kristian (bass), Bangkit Mahandika (drum).

Thursday, September 23, 2010 (invitation only)
Friday, September 24, 2010
Tickets Rp 50.000, | Students Rp 25.000,-


Informasi Acara & Tiket Pertunjukan

Informasi acara & reservasi tiket (kecuali pameran)
021-789-1202, 0817-077-1913
0857-193-111-50, 0812-8184-5500, 021-9974-5934
melan@salihara.org, dita@salihara.org
Informasi pameran & Galeri Salihara
021-9619-2632, ipiet@salihara.org

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Pemesanan tiket yang tidak dilunasi dalam 3 hari akan dianggap batal.
Pemesanan tiket pertunjukan ditutup pada hari H-2 pukul 17:00 WIB. Setelah itu, loket Salihara hanya melayani pembelian secara langsung.
Pelajar/Mahasiswa yang ingin mendapatkan tiket harga khusus wajib membawa kartu pelajar/mahasiswa.
Tiket yang sudah dibeli tidak dapat dikembalikan.
Pers yang ingin meliput wajib memberi konfirmasi maksimal hari H-1 pukul 17:00 WIB, karena jumlah tiket pers sangat terbatas.

Waktu Operasional
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Senin-Jumat, 09:00-17:00 WIB
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