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= Online learning - Bahasa Indonesia for International ones

Monday, October 4 at 9:00pm - December 17 at 7:00pm

LocationFrom everywhere you can have the lesson, in or outside Indonesia
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What is online learning Bahasa Indonesia for international ones?
A Bahasa Indonesia learning program that the students don’t have to go out for the class and have the lesson online by phone or messenger. This program for international people (Non Bahasa Indonesia speakers)

Where can i have the lesson?
The lesson can be done from your office, home, or even when you having coffee in a coffee shop

Who can join this online lesson?
International ones who like to learn Bahasa Indonesia, domicile in our out Indonesia.

What is the lesson program?
General Bahasa Indonesia

Will the student receive a lesson material?
Yes it will send to your email at every lesson hours

What are the tools to learn Bahasa Indonesia online?
Students only need to have
1. Phone
2. Messenger; Skype, Yahoo messanger (YM), Hotmail messenger (windowslive), gmail messenger,(suggested with headset)

How long is the study duration?
Students can choose learning hour’s packages below, and debit the learning hours every sessions,
1. 12 hours
2. 27 hours
3. 35 hours

* Learning hours package can be debited at every sessions. For example, students studies 1 hour today, then takes 2 hours the next day, and continue 1,5 hours the day after. Lesson time is flexible, adjusted to student’s time availability.

How about the price to study online?
You can choose for which program you like to have, and which tool you will do the lesson, phone or messenger?

1. Lesson hours by Phone
-12 hours: USD 160
-27 hours: USD 280
-35 hours: USD 320

2. Lesson hours by Messengers: Yahoo (YM), Hotmail messangers (Windowslive):
-12 hours: USD 180
-27 hours: USD 320
-35 hours: USD 370

How to register and starts?
You may send message to our email, enclose your full name.Choose Phone or Messenger program, or call us at 62.21.938.54.54.2.Students may discuss the lesson hours.

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