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= TGTT#2: The Analog Girl + Max Lane + Andree Weschler

Time Saturday, November 6 · 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Location The Substation Theatre
The Substation, 45 Armenian Street
Singapore, Singapore
Created By 
Noor Effendy Ibrahim Substation
More Info Tribal Gathering of Tongue Tasters #2

The Analog Girl
Max Lane
Andree Weshler

8:00pm, Saturday, Nov 6, 2010
The Substation Theatre
Tix: $15.00 and $10.00 (concession)

To purchase tickets please call Mish’aal 6337 7535 / 6337 7800 or email mishaal@substation.org

There will be a flea market from 5pm – 10pm organised by Straits Records.




The Analog Girl first sprung into the international spotlight when American sportswear giant Nike featured a track from her debut album The TV Is On on their Europe ad campaign Changing The Game in 2005. Since then her wicked catchy brand of electro pop has caught the ears of many a pop culture royalty. The Analog Girl is fast becoming one of tomorrow’s brightest stars to rock a different sound. Wait for it.


Not to be mistaken for the retired NFL player and more inspired by the academic/writer of the same name, Max Lane sets out to twist found sounds within broody beatscapes. A project still at its infant stage, the pastiche of sounds has been getting through to discerning ears in Singapore and the airwaves of New York. The mind and the hands behind Max Lane is one of the co-founders of the elusive upp/circular collective. Being part of the self-absorbed They-Create-You-Tolerate movement, Max Lane insists on flirting with low end frequencies and paving the path of global sounds with clove cigarettes ash till the next batch of aural weapons of mass destruction is found. So, till then.


Born in France, Andrée Weschler has been living and practicing her art in Asia for more than 15 years. Her formative visual arts training were in Singapore, Australia and France. At Les Beaux Arts de Paris, she worked in the atelier of Annette Messager. Since 2000, she has been invited to participate in international art events in Asia, Australia and Europe. Her art practice encompasses Performance Art and Drawings, Video Art, Photography and Installation.


Tribal Gathering of Tongue Tasters (TGTT) is a first-Saturday monthly sessions of sonic and musical collaborations between established and emerging local musicians and sound artists from different genres and forms. At times, their collaborations may receive interventions from performance artists. 

The first quarter of the TGTT series are:

2 October 2010: b-quartet + mux + friends
6 November 2010: the analog girl + max lane + andree weschler
4 December 2010: tiramisu + spacedays + marla bendini

Look out for the 2011 Apr-Jun and Oct-Dec line-up soon!

Tribal Gathering of Tongue Tasters (Oct-Dec 2010) is supported by Blackhole212 and Straits Records.

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