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= 24 June '10 Workshop How to Build a Simple Marketing Campaign (Session2)

24 June '10 Workshop How to Build a Simple Marketing Campaign (Session2)

24 Juni 2010
13:00 - 17:00
Hotel Mulia
Nama Jalan:
Jl Asia Afrika Senayan, Jakarta 10270
Jakarta, Indonesia

Many business owners make kneejerk decisions when creating marketing campaigns. They say things like
"We want to run and newspaper ad," or
"It's time to do som radio ads again."
The challenge is that htis type of thinking jumps straight to the "How" instead of focussing on the "Who." Let me explian...

Instead of deciding that you want to run an ad, you frist need to think carefully about :
Who it is you want to target.
Where do you find this kind of prospect?
What will your offer be?
Why should they buy from you?
How will you communicate this message to them?

For example, if you owned "Joe's Gymnasium," and I owned "Harry's Health Foods" in the same suburb, chances are we are both running ads in the local paper to attract new clients. What if instead I mailed out my existing database of 1487 happy clients with a FREE gift from you - 2 sessions at your Gym. What if you mailed out your existing database of 14983 happy members with a voucher for $5 Harry's Health Food Dollars.
We'd both then be hitting a warm database of people that are in our target market. Our mailings would be read by the majority of them because they are receiving our offer from someone they already do business with.
Simple isn't it?

At this workshop you will learn :
+ The "who, where, what, why and how" of building a marketing campaign..
+ How to build a marketing campaign from the ground up...
+ How to target your market with a laser-like focus...
+ The importace of target vs offer vs copy. Copy is the least important yet most people focus here...
+ How to create offers that are low cost to you but high value to your prospects...
+ How to create headlines and offers that get prospects to respond...
+ How to save lots of $$$ off your marketing budget.

June 24th 2010
Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan, Jakarta 10270 Indonesia
8-12 AM (Session 1, Time Management Skills Workshop)
1-5 PM (Session 2, How to Build a Simple Marketing Campaign Workshop)

Investmest :
Rp.1.500.000 /person/session
Rp.2.750.000 /person/both session + lunch buffet

Call Now : 021-2567 5775

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