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TMII: Experience Magnificent Indonesia

Taman Mini “Indonesia Indah” (TMII) is the most popular and familiar recreation place for the citizens of Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia and even for foreigners. The concept of TMII is to present vehicles and facilities in a recreative, informative, educational, communicative and attractive way (RIECA).

The Indonesia in Miniature is presented in a complete manner, seen from the land profile, natural wealth, the variety of the regional arts and culture, the development of science and technology, and various forms of up-to-date arts and culture. It is expressed in the form of the Miniature Indonesian Archipelago, an artificial lake with an imitation of the Indonesian Archipelago with the land profile and regional pavilions. Each pavilion presents a traditional house in traditional architecture with the cultural objects, art performances, traditional ceremonies, cuisine varieties and various details of the related region, which actually shows the “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in Diversity) of Indonesia.

Besides the regional pavilions, there is a row of museums displaying not only historical and cultural collections, past and present technology, but also creating a dialogue with the visitors through various exhibitions which – in turn – will become the milestone in creating the future. The 15 museums are among others the Indonesian Museum, the Transportation Museum, the “Graha Widya Patra” Museum and the Science and Technology Exhibition Centre, which form an unlimited source of information.

The available recreational vehicles are also interesting, for example recreations with a natural nuance present 11 Parks among others the Birds Park, the Freshwater Aquarium Park, the Golden Snail Flower Garden; and various innovative vehicles like the Indonesian Children Palace, the Golden Snail Imax Theater, the 4D’Motion Theater, the Sky-lift, the Aeromovel monorail; moreover the Chinese Indonesian Cultural Park and the TMII Waterpark are still under constructions.

Visit Taman Mini “Indonesia Indah” and see the enchantment of Indonesia

Facilities and Modes :
- Regional Pavilions (Traditional Houses)
- Museums and Parks
1. Museum Indonesia
2. Museum Penerangan
3. Museum Minyak dan Gas Bumi
4. Museum Listrik dan Energi Baru
5. Museum Prangko Indonesia
6. Museum Fauna Indonesia Komodo dan Taman Reptilia
7. Museum Transportasi
8. Museum Keprajuritan Indonesia
9. Museum Pusaka
10. Museum Serangga dan Taman Kupu-Kupu
11. Museum Asmat
12. Museum Olah Raga
13. Museum Telekomunikasi
14. Museum Istiqlal dan Bayt al-Quran
15. Museum Timor Timur
16. Taman Ria Atmaja
17. Taman Kaktus
18. Taman Apotik Hidup
19. Taman Melati
20. Taman Bekisar
21. Taman Burung (Bird Park)
22. Taman Budaya Tionghoa Indonesia
23. Taman Akuarium Air Tawar (The Freshwater World)
24. Taman Bunga Keong Emas

- Modes of Recreations:
1. Istana Anak-anak Indonesia
2. Pusat Peragaan Iptek (Science Center)
3. Teater Imax Keong Emas
4. Teater 4D
5. Teater Tanah Airku
6. Kereta Gantung (Skylift)
7. Monorel "Aeromovel Indonesia"
8. Kereta Api Mini
9. Perahu Angsa
10.Sepeda Wisata
11.Kolam Pemancingan Telaga Mina
12.Pasar Buku Langka
13."Snow Bay" Waterpark TMII

- Hotels and Food :
1. Desa Wisata Hostel
2. Graha Wisata Remaja
3. Puri Caping Gunung Restaurant
4. Pondok Pecel Madiun
5. Pasar Tiban

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