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= Zakk-zakk Guitarshop

Guitar Shop PUSAT: JL.Nagan Kulon K-75 Telp 0274 411585 Hp. 08121578716 Cabang : Komplek Pertokoan Jl.Seturan Raya A-15 T Telp. 02746664568 Hp.08112508593 Workshop : Jl. Nagan Tengah 46a Telp. 0274 7195671, YOGYAKARTA , DIY, Indonesia
Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Zakk-zakk Guitarshop

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ZAKK ZAKK Guitars & ZAKK ZAKK Drumsticks Affiliations:

Custom guitar handmade, guitar reparation, guitar tools & hardwares, custom drumsticks production, music lab, guitar showroom, etc.

About Me: It's no wonder that the ZAKK ZAKK Guitar Shop is called "The Ultimate Guitar Dream Factory". Located within the walls of Kraton, are the finest luthiers, woodworkers and artisans in Jogjakarta, creating exquisitely hand-crafted musical masterpieces from the ground up.ZAKK ZAKK Guitar Shop's mission is two-fold: to step into the future while retaining the essence of our past. While we continue to explore cutting-edge materials and technologies in order to create new sounds and designs, we must also preserve history by replicating specific makes and models of our vintage classics.ZAKK ZAKK Guitar Shop does it all! Want a one-of-a-kind art piece with outrageous inlay, exotic woods or airbrush designs? It's a Zakk Zakk Master Built guitar you're after. Visit our shop and spec the guitar of your dreams! The ZAKK ZAKK Guitar Shop creates Master Built guitars every day for a long list of celebrity players and every day people, too.Are you in search of a "Holy Grail"-a rare Fender from a certain year? The ZAKK ZAKK Guitar Shop pays homage to our benchmark eras by replicating specs with historical accuracy both in the cosmetics and construction. Even some of the same people who made the original guitars are crafting instruments in the custom shop today.Maybe you're a forward thinker. The ZAKK ZAKK Guitar Shop are refined modern versions of our timeless designs. Re-engineered parts and electronics plus innovative features push the envelope, while the sleek, option-packed Zakk Zakk models offer a variety of sumptuous body woods and custom colors.SInce its inception in 2006, the ZAKK ZAKK Guitar Shop has grown from just two builders. The magic of the ZAKK ZAKK Guitar Shop is in the hands of its builders. Their years of experience, range of skills, and expertise at their craft, make the instruments they build highly sought-after creations by players, celebrities, and collectors, alike.

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