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= AsiaDanceChannel Newsletter 18

August 16 at 11:10pm

AsiaDanceChannel Newsletter 18


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Singapore Arts Festival

New experiments sometimes work and sometimes don't but it's always welcomed especially in the arts field where creativity holds the audience enthralled wanting for more. The Singapore Festival 2010 entered its 33rd year with a fresh outlook to create connections between people and art through its new theme Between You and Me - By Visithra Manikam

Nijinsky Siam is No Tribute

A century ago when Siam's Bud Mahinot Dance Company performed across Europe, the great Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky was so inspired that he created a solo called La danse siamoise. In slide projections, Pichet Klunchun showed Singapore what St Petersburg and Paris watched more than a century ago, and for those who understood classical Thai dance, it looked nothing more than an intercultural mishmash. Cultural exchange between Asia and Europe has become more two-way than it was in the days when transportation was slow, but it's still far from balanced. Asians were always more interested in Europe anyway than vice versa. Pichet's research is valuable as a reminder that, in an era of arts festivals and other forms of global cultural exchange, we need to understand what it is we're borrowing - By Pawit Mahasarinand


Adam the Musical

Adam the Musical is an uncommon love story with a twist. Filled with objections for the bold and faithful love towards a HIV-infected person, it is a story that focuses on a couple-to-wed, both of them from different background, culture and religion: Adam, is a simple "Kampung" Muslim who works for the Malaysian AIDS Foundation. Slivia on the other hand, is a naive Catholic - By Michael Yao

On Anxiety

The keyboard and phone line are extensions of our lust. Pens and paper give birth to secrets. In this office, everything becomes so extraordinarily empty, even words fail. The performers were the stars of the night with their many expressions and elegant dance moves. Bravo to the Kwang Tung Dance Company for producing such a brilliant performance! - By Geraldine Choong

Raghava, Yadhava

As I was ushered into the MAS Auditorium by one of the students to my seat, she remarked that I must be lucky to get to watch all these shows. I told her well it depends on the show, if the show was bad I have to contemplate how to write the review to which she answered, "You won't have to worry about that, this show will be amazing!" - By Visithra Manikam


Changmu International Dance Festival 2010

The quality of the choreography by young choreographers that I was privileged to watch was refreshing. Can there really be new themes anymore? Art, Film, literature or dance continuously evolve around the same themes since the Greeks, but the challenge is to present it in "new" ways - By Joseph Gonzales


Arts for Change: Taking the Arts to Centre Stage

Dr Mallika Sarabhai, co-director of the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, offered a talk illustrated with video on the socially-engaged work of Darpana. Speaking autobiographically, Sarabhai spoke of her introduction to the idea that art could address social issues from watching rehearsals of a 1963 work created by her mother, the famed choreographer-dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai, on the theme of dowry death - By Dr Mallika Sarabhai and summarised by Dr Matthew Cohen

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