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= Winning Public Support through Superior Campaign and Public Diplomacy

Winning Public Support through Superior Campaign and Public Diplomacy

20 Oktober jam 9:00 - 21 Oktober jam 16:00

TempatJakarta - TBA

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MARK KLUGMANN, is an internationally recognized political consutant and electoral strategist. He served in the White House as speechwriter to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. and also has advised six presidents in Latin America. By adapting advanced methods to the very different reality found in each country, he produces stunning, extraordinary results for his clients. His uniquiely effective methodology helps governments achieve key economic reforms in democracy. Hehas lectured around the world, including at the World Bank and Harvard University's Kennedy School, and has published both popular and academic articles on political strategy.

ROGER HAYES, is a senior communications professional,corporate social responsibility adviser and public diplomacy expert. He has worked with Ford of Europe, Director General of the Birtish Nuclear Energy Industry Forum. He is the founder of Echo Research, a leading international research company. Roger has worked extensively in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, India advising government departments, NGOs and multinational companies. He has given professional speeches in seminar, workshops on crisis management, stakeholder engagement, public diplomacy and high level media relations. He is the Senior Counselor of APCO Worldwide who has visited Indonesia for the last five years.

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