Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

= Haitian Relief

August 20 at 12:41am

Calling on any artist who will like to participate in fund raising for Haitian relief. Any and all participation is welcome (donating drawings, paintings, sculpture, poetry, music, etc).

Also looking for anyone who can build a website. The idea is to build a site for artist all over the globe to post their work while simultaneously raising funds for Haitian relief. This site will be linked to Facebook, Deviant Art (and many other online art communities... as well as Haitian support sites).

Still researching on which organizations provide the maximum help on the ground in Haiti and on the best way to handle appropriation of funds (whether it is better to have the individual artist handle the money they receive from their sold works and make their own contributions).

Drop me a message, if you're interested at:


or on Facebook:


Thank you,
Yinka Oyekunle

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