Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

= WM Store is running LEBARAN ON SALE

August 31 at 4:19pm

Hello mates,we bring u gut news according to our store.

Welcoming Lebaran, WM Store is running LEBARAN ON SALE, where u can get discounted items for our branded products. It held until September 10, 2010.

Check the brands:

*LEMON LIME (2nd line from Tya et Tiara. Targeting youngster,the dresses are covered by bright&colourfull design).
DISCOUNT 20%-30%

*PEEPO IDEALUMINOSA t-shirt (art clothing line from Bandung)
DISCOUNT 30% for certain designs

*NIMBUS (Local brand from YK, consist of skirt,bag,etc)

*MOOF artist series (made from the hand of local artists from YK)

*MONSTORE tees (art clothing line)
Special offering 100.000

*RUBBER tees (lifestyle brand that combines art and fashion into good quality clothing. Founded in Jogjakarta)

See u all at WM Store, 2nd floor Galeria Mall, YK

*And dont forget, along this time, u can also visit AFFAIRS temporary store at our place *

Big thanks to our relations and vendors!

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